Concert Series

As the festival has grown, so has the demand for live chamber music throughout the year. In response to this demand, the Ottawa Chamber Music Society (OCMS) created the Ottawa Chamber Music Society Concert Series in 2000, offering concerts throughout the fall, winter and spring. The Chamberfest Concert Series has enabled the organization to engage with a wider community of artists and audience members, and provided another outlet to share music of the highest quality.

The 2020/21 edition of the Concert Series saw Chamberfest move to incorporate livestream concert delivery in order to keep our community safe, in accordance with the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 regulations. These livestream concerts are broadcast live from Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre with world-class audiovisual production. Individual Livestream Tickets and Passes available.

PART I: FALL (September – December 2020) [LINK WITH COLOUR BLOCK]


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Lundi au jeudi de 10h à 16h

Heures du festival : 21 juillet à 4 août, 10h à 16h

4 rue Florence, bureau 201

Ottawa ON K2P 0W7 Canada


Ottawa Chamberfest est situé sur le territoire non cédé et non abandonné de la nation algonquine Anishinaabe.

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