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$100,000 goal


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On the future of Ottawa Chamberfest

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Ottawa Chamberfest—30 years of changing lives through music. As we approach this exciting milestone, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. Last year saw our most successful festival since 2019, but seismic shifts in government grants have destabilized the organization’s future. Likewise, costs have grown at an alarming rate over the past few years. Paying artists fairly and producing best-in-class events while keeping ticket prices affordable has become extremely difficult. We need your help.

Our 30th Anniversary Campaign aims to raise $100,000 in advance of our upcoming summer festival. This goal is ambitious, but these funds are crucial as we work to offset the loss of grant revenue. Funds raised through this campaign will support our best-in-class Summer Festival, our beloved year-round Concert Series, and our vital Community Engagement and Education programming. They will help position the organization for continued success.

Please consider donating in whatever amount feels comfortable. If you want to help us reach our goal faster, you may opt to become a Chamberfest Champion. A donation of $250 or more will earn you this prestigious title, special recognition at our festival, and an exclusive donor pin commemorating our anniversary.

Together, we can ensure that Chamberfest continues to thrive for all of us and for generations of music lovers to come. Thank you.

Thank you to our Campaign Donors.

With special thanks to our Chamberfest Champions.

Adriana Kolar
Ahmed Shalabi
Alan and Sandra Quirt
Alberto Palacios Hardy
Larry and Alicia Klopoushak
Andrea Vieira
Andrée Christensen and Vincent McDonald
Andrew Billo
Angela Pelly
Ann Frederking
Ann Phillips
Anna Lehn
Anne-Laure Bouvier
Annemarie Reinecke
Anthony Advokaat
Medvedev Family
Barbara Newbegin
Barbara Ramsay
William McKim
Brian Le Conte
Bruce Mayo
Carissa Klopoushak and Emily Kruspe
Celia McInnis
Chris A Ellis
Christian Perry
Cindy Qi
Corrie Smallegange
Curtis Perry
David and Aldyth Holmes
David and Dorothy Torontow
Joanne Lee
David and Ruth Sword
David Brown
Denise Hawkins
Diana Rivington
Diane Carroll
Eileen and Ralph Overend
Elinor Frey
Elizabeth Behrens
Esther Tarasofsky
Etienne Grall
Evelyn Greenberg
Frances Macdonnell
Gavin McLintock
Gilles Jasmin
Gillian Chaloner-Larsson
Gillian Shields

Gail and Gordon Lange
David Bukurak, Hali Krawchuk
Helen Salmon
Helen and Paul Salmon
Hennie Buckshi
Hermina Wang and Yale Cheng
Mary and Ian Glen
Ingrid Bongartz and Jeff Joslin
Jamie “Tsam” Kruspe
Jane Yaraskavitch
Janet Campbell
Janet Cardy
Janice Payne
Jay Gupta
Daniele and Jean-Marc Baribeau
Jennifer Weihmann
Jill Thompson
James Shearon
Jochen Müller
Janet and Brad Johns
John and Cathie Kruspe
John McNeish
Jon Kimura Parker
Judith Huska
Karin Ten Cate
Katharine Gourlie
Kayla Calder
Kiera Le
Laura Snow
Lawrence David Lederman
Leslie Worden
Lillian Thomsen
Lindsay Cheung
Lorna Adcock
Lorraine Carson
Malcolm and Lynne Barkhouse
Mara Brown
Marci Burgess
Marg Campbell
Marilyn Collins
Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management, Inc.
Mark Wolfgram
Mary Alice MacNeil
Mary Oliarnyk
Maureen Beard-Freedman
Meg Friedman
Melanie Coughlin

Meredith Kost
Mhiran Faraday
Michel Gascon
Micheline Boyd
Mikayla Odut
Michael Graham
Millie Mirsky
Natalie Katsarava
Neil Crawford and Sylvie Mougeot
Neil Roberts
Nils Larsson
Normand Forgues-Roy
Pat Kerwin
Paul Wells and Lisa Samson
Peter Schmolka
Peter Dalziel
Philp and Joelyn Gregory
Richard and Marjorie Lacy
Robert Craig
Robin Grabell
Robyn Kuzell
Rodney Paterson
Ronald Hunt
Ross Linden-Fraser
Eleanor Baumgart and Roy Baumgart
Roy Lidstone
Sandra Crabtree
Scott Irving
Stephen Collins
Susan Gottheil
Susan Howell
Sylvia Shortliffe
Terry Loehr
Thomas Bilenkey
Tim Schobert
Tõnu Onu
Trevor Adams
Vanessa Fiore
Victoria Angel
Wayne Richardson
Wendy Fedec
Deborah Dearham
Bill and Carlene Mercer
Winston Webber
Xavier Roy
Xiao Zhuo Jia
Yevgeni Gandelsman

Looking for other ways to get involved? We’d love to discuss other opportunities for you to support this campaign and Chamberfest overall including, but not limited to, gift matching, corporate sponsorship, and more. Please contact Mhiran Faraday today.

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