Adaptive Concerts

Inclusive, Accessible, and Sensory-Friendly

Presented in partnership with the Lotus Centre for Special Music Education.

Chamberfest’s Adaptive Concerts (formerly Sensory Friendly Concerts) are adaptive performances for everyone, including individuals from the disability community (e.g., autistic and neurodivergent kids and adults). Family and friends are welcomed into a concert experience that has special considerations like pre-concert visual aids, storytelling, and flexible spaces for movement, ensuring a comfortable environment for all to be creative and have fun with music. Everyone is welcome!


Some things to expect at our adaptive concerts:

  • Accessible and inclusive venues
  • Flexible seating (e.g., mats, moveable chairs, places to stand/empty space)
  • Visual and sensory aids (e.g., noise-cancelling headphones, drawing materials, sensory fidgets)
  • PDF documents about the artists or programs to learn more before, during, or after the concert
  • A quiet space in case you need to leave the concert area for a break
  • The ability to enter and exit the concert space
  • Interaction and adapted programming from the artists
  • A welcoming environment that allows for natural vocalizations and movements
  • Free or reduced pricing
  • A Visual Story of the venue
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Ottawa Chamberfest is located on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation.

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