Keenan Keeshig


Keenan Keeshig

Keenan Keeshig, also called by his spirit name Buzzwaywii Giizhik which means “Echo in the Sky”, comes from the Thunderbird Family, and Maaiingun Indodem of the wolf clan. He is originally from Neyaashiinigmiing Reserve No. 27 (Chippewas of Nawash, Cape Croker), but like Francis Pegahmagabow Keeshig grew up in Shawanaga First Nation. He is an activist for indigenous issues, and an 8th generation descendant of Tecumapease, the sister of the iconic warrior and diplomat Tecumseh. As an actor Keenan is best known for his roles on Future History TV and The Rez. He has previously portrayed Francis Pegahmagabow in the 2022 film The Ace and the Scout.

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