Nordic Voices

a cappella vocal ensemble

Nordic Voices

Formed in 1996, Nordic Voices comprises six graduates from the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Norwegian Academy of Opera, who, in addition to their singing backgrounds, have a broad range of experience from choral conducting to teacher training and composition. It is perhaps this range of interests that leads them to explore a wider than usual spectrum of musical expression. The group’s concerts are an unusual blend of sophisticated music-making and stylish performance, more often than not with more than a dash of humour, and thanks to the group’s ability to engage and fascinate, it is increasingly in demand on the international scene. Nordic Voices have also won many awards, including the Fartein Valen-award, the Rolf Gammeleng-award, and in 2014, the prestigious “Performer of the year” from the Norwegian Society of Composers.

Nordic Voices

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Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm

4 Florence Street, Suite 201

Ottawa ON K2P 0W7 Canada


Ottawa Chamberfest is located on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation.

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