Sat Sep 17

King of Chlorophyll: Imago

13:00 and 16:30

Imago is an immersive event moving* through nature along farm paths combining music, storytelling, drag, aerial performance and tree climbing imagined by Kim Farris-Manning. Co-presented by Ottawa Chamberfest at the Just Food Community Farm, Imago inspires its audience to engage with the unknown and unexpected ways of plant life. Like digging through layers of soil to find fungal networks, Imago does not pander to its audience but rather reveals itself to them, to be listened to and observed over time.

“In biology, the imago is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis, its process of growth and development; it is also called the imaginal stage, the stage in which the insect attains maturity.” (Wikipedia)


Storytellers listed below


There will be a 30-minute stationary/seated portion during the event.
Chairs will not be provided, however you are welcome to bring your own blankets and portable chairs. There will be a lot of looking up: you may wish to bring a towel or travel pillow to rest your neck.

In the case of postponement due to weather or rain, ticket holders will receive communications the morning of the event, and our website will be updated. Rescheduled performances will be moved to the same times on the following day.

The stories and texts will be presented in English and in ASL. Books with texts will be available for lending and purchase at the event, and can be pre-purchased at Kim Farris-Manning’s shop here.

*Moving refers to walking, scooting, rolling etc. You must be able to move yourself or have someone to help you move along the paths. Please refer to the accessibility text below for more information.

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There will be two shows, beginning at 13:00 and 16:30. The performance is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes long.


Creator, Composer, and Performer

Kim Farris-Manning


Kathryn Patricia, viola
Rémy Bélanger de Beauport, cello
Carlie Howell, double bass
Yang Chen, percussion


Ron and Melissa St. Louis from Capital Bees
Sun Shan and Li Bo from Chi Garden
Ma Myriah Peace from the Birch Path Healing Forest with Root In Nature
Shelley Lambert from Nanabush Food Forests and Forêt Capitale Forest
Kheela Naw from The Karen Farm
Amber Westfall from The Wild Garden



There are portable toilets with hand washing stations at various locations on site. One of the units, about 200 m from the barn/parking area, is wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible bathroom inside the barn, accessible by lift elevator. Please contact us in advance if you will require use of the lift.


The stories and texts in this event will be presented in English and in ASL.



Weather permitting, this performance takes place entirely outdoors with no protection from the elements.The event will move along a nature trail that is 550 meters* in total (there and back), in three parts:

  • Moving along farm paths, pausing and listening to 5-7 minute stories at stops along the way
  • Stationary music performance: bring your own lawn chair, blanket, etc. There will be a lot of looking up: you may wish to bring a towel or travel pillow to rest your neck
  • Moving along farm paths, pausing and listening to 5-7 minute stories at stops along the way

Much of the path is grassy/solid earth, and some portions are leveled with stone dust, although not always compacted. Overall incline of the terrain is flat, and there is a ramp to cover the one location with a small incline. Please contact us for more details.

*550 meters is the length of about 5.5 football fields

Mobility and Weather

In case of inclement weather, the show will be postponed to Sunday September 18. If weather still prohibits it from taking place outdoors, the show will be moved inside the barn at the farm on Sunday. There are folding chairs and there is one flight of stairs inside the barn; there is a lift elevator available. Please contact us in advance if you will require use of the lift.


Ticks are now more prevalent in Eastern Ontario. Any time you are outside in nature, it is strongly recommended to do a tick check upon your return home. You may also want to wear long socks/pants. Refer to the Government of Canada’s Tick guide here.

This is event is supported by:

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