Sat Feb 18 19:00

The King’s Singers: Finding Harmony

Chamberfest fan favourites The King’s Singers return at long last to Ottawa. Featuring a collection of pieces from around the globe, The King’s Singers prove how deeply we can be moved by stories and song, connecting us to them and to each other. This concert is sure to be the start of a fantastic belated Valentine’s Day date night!

  • Patrick Dunachie countertenor
  • Edward Button countertenor
  • Julian Gregory tenor
  • Christopher Bruerton baritone
  • Nick Ashby baritone
  • Jonathan Howard bass

*This concert was previously scheduled for the 21-22 Series; we’re delighted to bring it to our 22-23 Series!


I Have a Dream

Mahalia Jackson, arr. Stacey V. Gibbs  | I can help somebody
Harry Dixon Loes, arr. Stacey V. Gibbs  | This little light of mine
U2, arr. Bob Chilcott  | M. L. K.

The Singing Revolution

Urmas Sisask  | Heliseb väljadel
Gustav Ernesaks  | Mu isamaa on minu arm
Veljo Tormis  | Pärismäälase lauluke

The Many Sounds of Georgia

King Demetrius I of Georgia  |  | Shen khar venakhi
Traditional  | Tsintskaro
Traditional  | Gaxsovs Turpav

Lost Songs of the Highlands

John Cameron, arr. James MacMillan  | O, chí, chí mi na mórbheanna
Traditional., arr. David Overton  | Loch Lomond
Traditional, arr. Daryl Runswick  | Puirt a’ bheul: Amadan gorach – Tha Fionnlagh – Chuirinn air


The Musical Reformation

Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach  | Ein feste Burg
William Byrd  | Civitas sancti tui
Thomas Tallis  | God, grant with grace

Spear of the Nation

Traditional, arr. Neo Muyanga  | Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika

The People Left Behind

Leyb Yampolsky, arr. Toby Young  | S’Dremlen feygl

In Our Time

Modern medley, arr. The King’s Singers

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